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Workflow – Improve your productivity

Workflow is a term used to describe a sequence of connected, related and organised steps taken to complete tasks.  Workflow may describe a depiction, view, description or diagram of real work under a chosen aspect.  Think of it as a list of tasks to complete.  Creating a Workflow is a great way for people, including our students, to determine what needs to be accomplished and to keep track of completed tasks.  In this day and age of digital distraction (iPods, Smart Phones, Social Networking, Social Media, Video Streaming, etc) it is very easy to be distracted from the task(s) at hand.  Workflow tools may be a handy way to stay on track.  Here are some examples of free workflow tools:

Taskr – Great list maker that allows you to create and organise lists.  You can easily track your progress and visualise your schedule using various features.

WorkFlowy – is an organizational tool that proclaims to make life easier. Its features include collaboration functions, note taking, to-do lists and # or @ tag searches.

Mind42 – Online Mind Mapping tool that can also be used to create a sequence to map out future activities.  Has a great collaboration ability as well.  Embedding of images and links really adds value to your planning.

Flowchart – Multi- user, online, real-time collaboration tool.  You can embed the flowchart into your website and even record the flowchart for playback.

Workflow Central – Small business solution that combines features like Bulk Emailing, Projects, Tasks, Contacts, and Administration functionality.

Each of these tools is free and each has its own unique features.  Students can benefit from using a workflow strategy coupled with an installed Parental Control Bar, which can limit access to distracting websites like Facebook.

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