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At Coomera Anglican College, we are proactively increasing the technical skill and knowledge base of our staff in line with our students’ development.  A major focus has been the creation and management of eXperts across the teaching staff.  eXperts are recognised as being focused on improving the skill levels of both themselves and their teaching partners, and sharing their ideas and knowledge with other teachers.

In Prep to Six, there is a year level eXpert charged with managing the eLearning aspects of the curriculum.  Rebecca Ristic is also an eXpert with special responsibilities with Interactive Whiteboard support and staff training.  In Junior Secondary, all teachers are becoming an eXpert in at least one aspect of eLearning.   Examples include collaborative tools, blogging, vodcasting, mind mapping, podcasting, eFolio and Moodle activities.  Senior teachers actively complete one to one support sessions based on the embedding of ICTs into the curriculum.

The first step for these eXperts is to gain a functional command over the software application or eLearning process so that they can teach the basics to their students.  Stage 2 is sharing their expertise and class examples with other teachers in their faculty or year level.  Stage 3 entails sharing with and supporting other teachers across the whole College.

Through this process, teachers and students are constantly increasing and improving their ICT skills and eLearning processes in a supportive and innovation working and teaching environment.

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