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Easter is Coming

Family Technology Plan – Get Prepared for the Easter Break

As we head towards the Easter break, it is worthwhile ensuring that your Family Technology Plan is finalised and your children know when, where and how they can use internet enabled devices.  For example, do your children know:

  • What to do if they are bullied on Facebook?
  • How to react if they witness an inappropriate image on Instagram?
  • Snapchat promotes sexting and a false sense of security around sending images?
  • encourages bullying, nasty rumours and disgusting comments from anonymous users?
  • It is illegal to download free (pirated) movies, games and music using bit torrent software?
  • The spaces in your house where they can use social media?
  • How long they can play Xbox or PlayStation before having a rest?
  • They will not win an iPad if they click on that popup?
  • How they should be interacting with other people online?
  • Never to meet an online friend without your knowledge, permission and company?
  • How much information they can post about themselves and their private family details?
  • What you deem to be an inappropriate image before they post photos online?
  • There are videos on YouTube that are not suitable for children?
  • Anything they put on the internet can be copied, saved and posted, even if they only send it to one person?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, it is time to negotiate your rules with your children, before it is too late.  Click here to get some ideas for your Family Technology Plan.  Don’t forget to include input from your children, set consequences and try to model the behaviour you are promoting.

Josh’s First App

Josh C has just released his first app on iTunes.  ‘Whack-a-Sloth’ is optimised for iPads and iPhones (NOT iPhone 4), costs $0.99 and is the best game ever invented.  Let’s get Josh to the top of the downloads charts and see who can beat the best score!  Whack-a-Sloth is available from the iTunes store.

Whack a Sloth

SafetyNet Education

If your children are asking permission to enter the world of social networking, and you want to do it the right way, attending a SafetyNET Education Interactive Workshop could be the answer.

‘SafetyNET Education’s vision is to educate and empower families to use the Internet and particularly social media safely.  We believe that with education, guidance and family involvement all children can use the Internet safely.

SafetyNET Education offers the only interactive seminars in Australia for parents to attend with their children.  SafetyNET Education believes that providing families with the opportunity to discuss and use social media together in a neutral setting under guidance is crucial to increasing the safety of children on the Internet.  These seminars take children between 11 and 14 and their parents through the process of setting up their first social media account.  Safety and security settings are thoroughly discussed and edited to ensure maximum privacy and minimum risk of contact from strangers.  The workshops aim to be fun and informative as well easy to understand for both the parent and child.

Seminars run for 45 minutes to an hour depending on if the child currently has a Facebook account or if this needs to be created during the class.  Families are invited to bring their own device from home (preferably laptop, ipad or tablet – mobile phones have limited access to settings) so that everything that is learnt during the workshop can be utilised at home.  Families leave the seminar with a safe functioning social media account for the child, an Internet usage agreement signed by both the parent and child and free access to the member area of the SafetyNET website.’

These interactive parent and child sessions normally cost $45 per family.


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