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Chatterbox – A Parent’s Guide to Their Child’s Digital Activities

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has a large amount of resources dedicated to being cyber(smart:).  One area they are targeting is educating parents in order to help them understand the online world that their children are frequenting.  Chatterbox tries to help parents identify where technology fits with the trials and tribulations of growing up, and offers ways to help protect your children.

Part of this strategy includes some excellent videos for parents.  The first three videos are embedded in The CyberSafety Net, Coomera Anglican College’s very own eSmart website.  They typically run for 90 seconds.  They are informative, engaging and may just save your family a lot of problems in the future.  The topics include:

  • Selfies and Someone-Elsies
  • Tots, Teens and In-Betweens
  • Trolling, Tagging and Bagging

Parents can join the conversation on the ACMA CyberSmart Facebook page.

Wondering about the hype that surrounds selfies? Or maybe you just want to get your head around what your kids are up to online. Tune in to learn what Cybersmart Chatterbox has to say on selfies, sexting and advice for parents.

We all enjoy sharing images and information on-line, for all sorts of reasons.
How do we help our children navigate the implications that a voyeuristic culture can present?

Tune in on Safer Internet Day – February 11, 2014 and join the conversation below with one or more of our presenters live between 12pm and 1pm EST to share your experiences with other parents on this site throughout the week.

For a fully accessible version, please follow this link:

Cybersmart Chatterbox explores growing up in the digital age. Episode Two provides insight into the social and emotional development of young people and its impact on possible behaviours online.

Issues that may be identified at particular developmental stages and related potential legal and social consequences are explored along with preventative and reactive strategies to help maximise the development of a child’s digital citizenship skills.

Download an accessible version of the full transcript here:

Your child communicates with various people in various ways every day. Online communication through picture posting, status updates, texting and instant messaging is an integral part of life, with many benefits for self-expression. However, young people need to be aware that many of the rules, manners and etiquette principles that apply to face-to-face interactions also apply to digital interactions. Episode Three explores the potential for harm that can sometimes occur when social media is misused.

Download the fully accessible transcript of the video here:

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