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Year 3 – Fact or Fiction

Year 3 – Fact or Fiction is all about making informed choices


1. What is a ‘search’?
2. Choosing the right website
3. Second opinions
4. In my own words
5. Back it up!!

Striving for accuracy and precision

Habit of Mind Focus #6: Striving For Accuracy and Precision

When completing these activities and thinking about the concepts, students should reflect on the need to be accurate and precise in their their learning.  Making informed choices about the information they find on the internet is very important and a skill they will need in order to successfully learn at any age.

What is a search?

To find information on the internet, you need to do a search. To search for information, we use a web browser and a search engine.

What is a web browser?

What is a web search?

There are many different types of search engines.  Click here to look at a list.  The two most popular search engines are:

googleand bing

Teacher DirectedDiscuss the difference between a web browser and a search engine.  Then, look at how to create better web searches.  For a more detailed explanation, watch ‘How Search Works’.

Student ActivityPlay ‘Googlewhack‘ to see which show has more search results – ‘Glee’ or ‘The Simpsons’

Parental AdviceThere are some great sites for parents who want to encourage safe searching with their children – Managing Kids’ Search Queries, (Search engine for kids), Comprehensive search engine advice, Parental Controls on search engines and Google SafeSearch Engine.  Download the Parental Control Bar for peace of mind.


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