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Parents often enquire about the types of software that they should have on home computers in order to be as compatible as possible with the College’s applications. This is a valid question as compatibility between school and home can be crucial in terms of homework and project task completion.

Firstly, CAC uses a Microsoft Windows based networking system, the most up to date Operating system in Windows 7 and the Office 2010 suite which will be implemented early next year. Our email solution is Outlook and we use the Moodle Content Management System to power Castle and Passmarc. Security is provided by Microsoft Forefront and Lightspeed.

The full Adobe CS4 suite is also available to all students during College hours. To purchase this suite it would cost parents over $ 5 000. We also have the full use of the Microsoft Expression suite, as well as Microsoft Live products like Photo Story 3, Movie Maker, Paint and Internet Explorer 8.

Students can also access more specific software like the Targeting Maths Lab suite, Broadlearn Early Learning, Absorb Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics, Finale Notepad, Pascal, Microstation, Dart Fish, ReadMe, Ziptales, News Maker, MYOB, Sony Vegas and Custom Typing to new just a few. All these software titles are commercially available via a subscription or one off payment.

Obviously, it is impossible for parents to purchase all of these software titles. However, there are open source software titles that can serve as a proxy application for some of the titles listed above, as well as serving fantastic standalone value for all students. The table below shows some comparative examples:

Microsoft Office Open Office
Adobe Photoshop, The Gimp, Pixlr, Sumo Paint
Norton, McAfee, AVG Microsoft, Security Essentials,
Sony Vegas Movie Maker, Photo Story 3
Net Nanny K9 Web Protection
Adobe Soundbooth Audacity
Sony Acid LMMS
Adobe Media Encoder, Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 Jing, Windows Media Encoder

For a more comprehensive list of open source software, including the titles list above, please click here.


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