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CyberSafety – What??

Cybersafety is the safe and appropriate use of technology like mobile phones and the Internet. The rising prevalence of social networking (Facebook, MSN, Twitter, etc) has enabled cowardly and vindictive people to harass others from a safe distance, often anonymously.

At Coomera Anglican College, we are being proactive in the education of our students to use technology positively and appropriately at all times. Cyberbullying and instances of the inappropriate use of technology, inside and outside of school hours, are not tolerated. Teachers and students have access to Cybersafety resources via the ‘eLearning Skills Builder’ Course located in Passmarc. Parents can access information within the Passmarc ‘Parent Zone’.

The Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV) has provided some insightful ways for families to conduct ‘Technology Safe Planning’. Topics include Trust Your Instincts, Plan for Safety and Google Yourself. To view this article, go to

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