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Back it up!!

I recently had the misfortune of having to visit a computer repair shop to try to recover some data.  Whilst waiting at the counter, I witnessed three or four customers come in with their laptops saying that the computer was either not working or not working properly, and that they thought that it was because of a computer virus.  The customers were quoted $80 to have the computer checked and fixed.

In order to avoid any data loss issues, back up your data and back it up regularly!  Students who have all their College files on only a USB stick, traveling to and from the College, going in and out of 5 or 6 computers daily, are just asking for problems.

As for the $80 computer clean up fee, this can be easily avoided by following these steps:

  •  Use a security system like the FREE Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Perform regular updates and scans on your computer
  • Avoid sharing files with friends, downloading illegal files or using music file sharing sites like Limewire
  • Delete that dodgy looking email in your inbox
  • Never open an executable program unless you know what it is
  • Avoid websites with pop-ups
  • Read this article – Keep your computer safe

With a little organisation and vigilance, you can keep your data and computer safe and sound.  If you and your family members can get into a scanning and backing up routine, it will save you money and problems in the future.  Buy an external hard drive onto which you can copy your data, and backup photos, videos and music onto dvds.

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