The ASC Cyber Safety Support Officer position plays a key role in providing support and advice on cyber safety strategies and reputation management to school staff, students and parents.

Cyber BYTES has been developed in a newsletter format to provide school communities with up to date information relating to cyber safety. The newsletter will be provided to schools at the beginning of each term.

Cyber BYTES provides relevant information, handy tips and links to reputable sources of information to assist staff, parents and students to make SMART decisions about their digital reputation and on-line safety. It is important that all cyber safety issues or incidents at school are reported to either a student protection officer, a designated Cyber Safety Champion or directly to the school principal.

Issues 2017 

Cyber Bytes Issue 3 Oct 2017

Cyber Bytes Issue 2 July 2017

Cyber Bytes Issue 1 April 2017

Cyber BiT Snapchat May 2017


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