Yag is in the bag

As mentioned by Mr Kirkpatrick, Coomera Anglican College was selected to be the only school out of the whole of Australia to host Youth Advisory Group delegates as part of the Primary consultation launch on Tuesday 24th July.  The YAG is a student forum designed to give the children of Australia a voice in the drafting of policy related to the internet and social networking rules and regulations.  All of Year 6 participated in a question and answer session in the IGC, with special guest Josh Cowper relaying some of his thoughts and experiences about participating in an online world and being selected to fly to Canberra as part of the CyberSafety Summit in June.

The students were able to respond to questions and statements in an online forum environment.  They could post their own topics and even create polls to gauge the responses of other users.  Some were even fortunate enough to have their questions and statements receive a reply from Senator the Hon. Stephen Conroy, Minister of the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE).  These students were very excited and amazed to have an interaction with an actual member of the Australian Government.

As part of the College’s commitment to CyberSafety, I am excited to announce a CyberSafety evening for parents of the wider Coomera community.  On Tuesday 28th August, the ACMA (The Australian Communications and Media Authority) and Task Force Argos (a highly specialised branch of the Queensland Police Service responsible for the investigation of on-line child exploitation and abuse) will be joining together to present a contemporary and comprehensive presentation on CyberSafety.  This session will run from 6:00 pm to 8:00 in the IGC, and is open to parents from other schools around the Coomera area.

The ACMA CyberSmart Outreach session is easy to understand, thorough, non-technical and informative.  It covers a range of issues including:

  • the ways children use the internet and emerging technologies
  • potential risks faced by children when online such as CyberBullying, identity theft, inappropriate contact and exposure to inappropriate content
  • tips and strategies to help children stay safe online

The Argos session will be presented by a member of the Qld Police Force, and is dedicated to the relentless work of protecting children and prosecuting perpetrators who prey on children within our communities.  This session will be invaluable as there will be a Q and A for parents to ask specific questions and clear up any misconceptions about sex crimes and child exploitation via different carriage systems.

This is a session that all parents should consider attending, especially if you are confused and worried about how to protect your children in an increasingly online world.  To assist with an estimation of numbers, please email mjorgensen@cac.qld.edu.au if you wish to attend.