CyberSafe Parents

How many of us can say, with absolute certainty, that we know all of the digital dangers facing our children on a daily basis?  How many of us know exactly what our children are looking at, writing, saying, showing, downloading or posting when not in our company?  Is anyone really up to date with emerging technology trends and totally CyberSafe in their online activities?

The real answer here is no, however, the disclaimer is that it is impossible to say yes unless we stop using all of our internet enabled devices.  Whilst this sounds like paradise to many of us, it is not realistic in today’s society.  Fortunately help is on the horizon.  There are two very important things happening at Coomera Anglican College that will make CyberSafety more accessible to staff, parents and students.

Firstly, the College is hosting the ‘CyberSafe Parents’ evening on Tuesday 28th August.  We have invited parents from other schools around the district to attend as well, to increase numbers and help spread this community service message.  Our special guests are the ACMA CyberSmart Outreach team and Police Officers from task Force Argos, which specialises in online child exploitation and abuse.  The information flyer is attached in this newsletter, and parents can register by clicking here and filling in the anonymous details.  Thanks to those who have already contacted me via email to indicate their attendance.

Secondly, the College has been awarded an eSmart Schools Framework scholarship valued at $3 500.  This prestigious initiative is managed by The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, a very well-known organisation promoting child safety across Australia.  The scholarship will enable the College to implement a comprehensive, six-part CyberSafety Framework to gain accreditation as an eSmart school.  We thank Judi Fallon from AMF for her nomination of Coomera Anglican College for this scholarship.

CyberSafe Parents Evening

CyberSafe Parents Evening