Welcome to the CyberSafety Net

The CyberSafety Net is Coomera Anglican College’s community website promoting positive and safe behaviour online.  Our student and school community needs to be informed of changes in technology and how to positively communicate online. Let’s build a better tomorrow. It all starts with you!

The CyberSafety Net is an aggregator website that draws in the best resources from the internet and presents them in a logical sequences for each year level from Prep to Year 12.  Teachers, Students and Parents can freely use the materials on this website.


report cyberbullying




Young and Safe

young and safe.PNG

I am responsible

I get back up

I question things

I feel for others

I respect differences

CyberSafety Video for Teens

Need more information ?Go to the eSafety Commissioner click here for more information 

Click on this image to view a comprehensive guide to staying safe n the internet.

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